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Happy Birthday, Skippy! [Dec. 16th, 2013|08:16 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Well, I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday to fatfred ! Hope you had a wonderful day. I won't post a link to the Barbarian Birthday Song. Just because you probably know all the verses already. :-D
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Happy Birthday!!! [Dec. 15th, 2012|09:29 pm]
[mood |jubilantjubilant]

Many happy returns of the day to fatfred!!!

And you're not old. You're younger than I am. :-D
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Fangirl Squeeeeee! [Jul. 15th, 2011|08:00 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I just got a personalized autographed copy of Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon! And she signed my Summer Reading poster! (She signed a copy of Dragonbreath for you, Skippy.)

It was great seeing her at the local B&N. There were about three or four families there as well as the daughter and I. And, of course, I never can think of any intelligent questions to ask.
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Ah, tornados in the spring [Apr. 16th, 2011|08:48 pm]
[mood |relievedrelieved]

Well, a major line of tornadoes went through NC this afternoon. A big one plowed through Sanford, southwest of us, then continued it's run through Holly Springs, went just south of us, and on to the south of downtown Raleigh. Evidently went just 2 miles from my son's workplace. We had quite a bit of hail, strong winds, and heavy rain, but no damage. We were debating whether to go to the lavatory in the hall (more central) or the laundry room (bigger). Thankfully we didn't lose power or have to grab the sofa cushions and go cower. How was the weather for you today?
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Long overdue update [Mar. 1st, 2011|09:13 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]

Guess I should actually post something here and not just on FB. :-)

The bathroom project was finished right before Christmas. Huzzah! It's beautiful and we love it.

Good thing that it got done because Seamus is just home from his second hip replacement surgery. The surgery was almost a week ago and he came home on Friday. The new shower makes showering MUCH easier. He's doing quite well, actually. The home health nurse said he doesn't have to use the walker anymore and can just use a cane. At this rate, we may be walking around the neighborhood next week. :-)

I stayed home this week to help out (not that he needs that much). The daughter will be with him next week while she's on Spring Break. I think he's taking leave for a full month, but I don't think we'll need to be around all the time to take care of him that last 2 weeks. Especially since I usually work nights.
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We don't have liftoff [Sep. 20th, 2010|08:35 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

And the project is stalled. We have foundation and brick lower part of the wall done with framing up. Plan and foundation were both approved by the town. Friday evening our contractor heard from the town that the back corner of the house (the house is on a slant to the road) is 25 ft. from the road and needs to be 30. :( We're hoping to get a variance. Keep your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever crossed.
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We have lift-off [Sep. 10th, 2010|05:49 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Well, we've picked the fixtures, countertop, and tile for the new bathroom. The foundation has been poured and the lower brick wall installed. The floor joists for the new bathroom have been installed. Monday they start framing and then demo!

You can see pictures via Facebook here -->
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Having plumbing rocks! [Sep. 2nd, 2010|09:45 am]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

The plumber got the new sewer and water lines connected yesterday around 1:00. And there was much rejoicing!!!! The shower felt extra good because I had to root around in the garage which is covered in concrete dust. They had to dig out trenches in the concrete garage floor for the foundation of the new laundry room. It's a mess. And, to top it off, they unplugged our freezer and didn't plug it back in. Thank goodness I found it before everything had completely defrosted!

Today is supposed to be inspection. Of what, I'm not sure. Maybe the trenches for foundation pouring???? We will see. Pictures will probably be posted to FB and I'll include a link.
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The great bathroom remodel [Aug. 31st, 2010|07:54 pm]
[mood |thirstythirsty]

Well, the great master bath/master closet remodel has officially begun. They actually started last week with ripping out part of the decking inside the garage to make way for the new laundry room. Today was when excavation of the new foundation commenced.

Last week, during the deck rip out, they accidentally hit a water pipe. Not a big deal, water off for a while while they capped the pipe. The biggest hassle was getting the water valve out by the meter to turn since it hadn't been turned in forever, evidently.

Well, it's a good thing they loosened it up. They knew the water main went into the house under where they're digging the new foundation. (You can see where this is going, can't you?) Yep, they busted the main water line into the house (and evidently the sewer line, too). They were being careful. But ... instead of being 18 inches below grade, which is code, the pipes were only 4 inches down. So, here we sit, without water, waiting for the plumber to show. He's supposed to be here between 7 and 9. It's now almost 8. I hope he has some major lighting, because there's nothing on that side of the house.

If worse comes to worse, the toilets won't get flushed tonight and Seamus will wash in the sink tomorrow with water he's got sitting to change the fish tank water with. Me, I'll go down to the pool and use the shower there. I hope they'll let me. I have been in the aqua fit class since the center opened. Maybe if I look really pitiful? Guess I could use a swim pass (probably could even swim).

Well, I'll keep you apprised.
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I'm about bag-piped out [Aug. 17th, 2010|08:25 pm]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

I have returned from a 4 day weekend filled with bag-pipes. And not just Highland pipes (which were described as "the squeely pipes played by lusty skirted young men" :) ). In fact, there were very few Highland pipes. But lots and lots of border pipes, Scottish small pipes, and uilleann pipes, with occasional forays into tin whistles, Galician pipes, a bombard, and even a banjo.

Seamus was doing the piping (on Scottish small pipes). I was spending the days reading, walking around the lake (to the accompanying sound of pipes), gazing up at the forested mountains and ski lifts, and even swimming in the pool. In much more comfortable temperatures than I've been used to lately. So it was a lovely vacation for me, too. I even attended a couple of classes (a history of uilleann pipe music, a session on Renaissace and Medieval music, and one that was supposed to be on the history of song names that developed/devolved into an ethno-anthropologic discussion on the cultural aspects of song names in an oral society as opposed to a literate one.

And today I had to go back to work. To working with the public. Blah. At least there weren't too many overly stupid people today.
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